Moritz Bossmann
guitarist - composer


oct 29th

Berlin By The Sea´s first single and video for  “Find a way”  is coming on November 3rd

On nov 3rd my new band Berlin by the Sea is releasing their first single “Find a way”. And we shot a little acoustic version of the song in my kitchen last week that is going to be available on the same day. To be first to see it follow us on ︎ instagram or sign up to my ︎newsletter.

july 4th

Music for summer shows of “Vom Dorf” at Theaterhaus Jena

It´s been a big joy to work again with artistic team of Theaterhaus Jena. This time we build a band that´s half brass players and the other half is a village style festival group with electronic drumkit and self playing keyboards. I could not have enjoyed more doing this. The shows of “Vom Dorf” are july 5th-july 10th and start always at 9pm. Tickets can be purchased ︎here.

may 20th 2023

Premiere of multimedia performance “Bakterien”

The musical performance BAKTERIEN with Veruschka Bohn and Christin Marie Feldhaus offered me the chance to work with sampling and live electronics in addition to my old seven-string metal guitar. Somehow unexpected i became part of this performance as a moving body as well. Thanks to Veruschka and Christin who introduced me to a lot of questions that come up when working as body performers. The great reaction of the audience at ︎bande_a_part_berlin and the discussions we had after the show proved again that learning from other species and raising questions about a post-anthropocentric future is super important. There is a lot more to explore. It‘s good to work in the zone between art and science where one field can make a real contribution to the other.

march 11th 2023

Composition for “Der Würgeengel”

Here it is, the premiere of “Der Würgeengel - Psalmen und Popsongs”, a theatre play directed by Johan Simons that is based on Luis Buñuel´s movie by the same name. I had the honor to contribute compositions and arrangements for Hammond organ and church organ. The play was produced by ︎Schauspielhaus Bochum and ︎Schauspiel Leipzig and can be seen at both theatres from now on. In this performance i am also playing Hammond organ which is new and big fun to me.

october 6th 2022

Shooting Performance with Veruschka Bohn

Today we shot very interesting footage for an upcoming video/music/movement performance with my fellow friend ︎Veruschka Bohn and Ben Riehm. Some moments of the genesis of this project can be seen in the portrait about Veruschka Bohn coming out via ︎RBB Mediathek in late december.

august 25th 2022

Soundtrack for “Die Känguru-Verschwörung” released

Today the film “Die Känguru-Verschwörung” by Marc-Uwe Kling got released. Been hinored to contribute the soundtrack with Die Tentakel von Delphi. The music also got released today on our little battlestar indie label ︎Kreismusik.